YouTube Music Now Lets You Create Custom Radio Channels: How It Works

YouTube Music is a music streaming app with all the popular content on YouTube. That journey started late, but it quickly became the choice for many users, and now there are even more reasons why you should use the YouTube Music app on your smartphone.

The Music app now lets you create custom radio channels focused on your favorite artists, music genres, and playlists. The option to create a radio channel is available on the main page of the YouTube Music app. Sign up with a Google account to use this feature.

Custom radio channels are an integral part of most music apps as they provide users with personalized music selections. It’s surprising that YouTube took so long to introduce a custom radio option to YouTube Music. Now I can walk you through the steps to create these radio channels and how to display them in your music player.

How to create a custom radio channel on YouTube Music

  • Open the YouTube Music app on your phone
  • Sign in with Google ID
  • Scroll down to see Create Custom Radio option
  • Select an artist and click Next
  • YouTube Music allows you to choose low, medium and high variation
  • You can also change the song selection based on familiarity, combinations and discoveries
  • Add filters based on your music taste
  • Click Done
  • Your custom YouTube Music radio channel is ready

As you go along, you’ll notice long channel names based on the artists you’ve chosen to play. There was no option to edit the name. This is ideal for many people to personalize their channel in their own way.

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