You can now directly pay Spotify for music subscription via Android devices

Following antitrust charges against Google in the EU, Spotify has announced a first-of-its-kind billing system that will allow users to choose an alternative way to pay for music subscriptions. This billing system was called ‘User Choice Billing’ or UCB for short. This was not specifically for Spotify, but for all other Android apps and their payment systems.

Google has now tested the program with Spotify as Google Play brings its User Choice billing system to more markets, including the United States. With User Choice billing, Play Store apps can use their own payment system alongside Google Play. In September, Google opened registrations for non-gaming applications in the European Economic Area (EEA), Australia, India, Indonesia and Japan.

With UCB, Android apps and services can offer a more integrated payment system instead of redirecting users to a website to sign up for a service. With UCB, users see two options to pay Spotify premium, i.e. Spotify and Google Play. Users who choose the Google Play option will go through a familiar payment process. On the other hand, those who opt for the Spotify option will subscribe or pay for their subscription using a credit card form on Spotify.

Not only Spotify, but also the well-known dating app Bumble participated in the User Choice Billing pilot program. The payment system is expanding in the United States, Brazil and South Africa. Apps must pay Google the appropriate fee, which Google says is required to support investments in Android and Google Play. The fee was reduced to 4% through UCB.

Google added that it “will work with their teams and we expect their users to start seeing this option in the app in select countries in the coming months.”

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