What to Expect From Nintendo’s Black Friday 2022 Deals

Black Friday 2022 officially takes place on November 25th, but if you’ve been paying attention in the past few years, you know that Black Friday deals have no real connection to the actual Friday after Thanksgiving. Nintendo has announced that Nintendo Switch and Switch games will start playing on November 20th, and the Black Friday Nintendo Switch bundle looks awfully familiar… because it’s the same Black Friday Nintendo Switch bundle from last year, which was almost identical to it. from the previous year. Basically, the Mario Kart/Nintendo Switch Online/Nintendo Switch bundle is THE Black Friday evergreen deal from Nintendo.

The best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals

While the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 bundle is a familiar sight for Black Friday, there’s a good reason: it always sells like hotcakes. At $299 with console and game plus 3 months of NSO, it’s a solid deal and sold out within hours of being available at the retailer last year. If you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch gift this year, this is a solid choice.

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In addition to the usual Black Friday 2022 Switch bundle deal, we’re also getting some nice Nintendo Switch game deals on some of the biggest Switch games. The following deals are the games and prices officially announced by Nintendo, but expect retailers to try to outdo each other on prices and selection this Black Friday.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday Game Deals

Some of the most popular games will be $39.99 or less at most retailers on Black Friday. NOTE: These games are NOT on sale YET. Nintendo’s Black Friday games are officially scheduled for November 20, but retailers have started their deals earlier in the past. We’ll update if that’s the case, but here’s a look at confirmed Nintendo Switch game deals coming to Black Friday.

Of course, this is just a small selection of Black Friday video game deals, which in themselves are a small part of the overall madness that is Black Friday. We’ve got all the Black Friday deals covered, so follow us on Twitter at IGNDeals to find all the best deals and be sure to keep an eye out for this and other articles as they’re posted.

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