The internet is still missing the mark on accessibility

The internet is still missing the mark on accessibility


e live in a society with seemingly limitless technology and options, yet 98% of the world’s top one million websites don’t have a fully accessible

When major news sites don’t offer simple text-to-speech options for their articles, they make it that much harder for people like me to use their products. 

They also make it that much easier for the one in five with learning disabilities to find alternatives by using competitors’ products. 

And it’s not just private companies and major news outlets that are dropping the ball on accessibility.

A study from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation found that 30% of government websites didn’t meet standards for accessibility, including the Census.

It’s bad enough to struggle to read a newspaper article, but when important government websites miss the mark

 If people have trouble reading the Census website, how are they supposed to accurately fill out their information when the time comes?