House of The Dragon Season 1 finale will introduce us to a third Valyrian house hidden in plain sight

Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon took us back about 200 hundred years ago into the history of Westeros.

A lot has changed in George R. R. Martin’s universe in those years, Kings have risen and fallen, dragons became extinct, and several famous Houses

While we do know of two prominent ancient Valyrian Houses that are the center of focus in House of The Dragon, the dragon lords Targaryens and the sea lords Velaryons

 there is a third House that possesses the blood of Old Valyria and has been hidden from sight until now.

The final episode of House of The Dragon season 1 will introduce us to the Black Council, Rhaenyra’s circle of trusted individuals in the image of her father’s small council in King’s Landing.

The Black Council comes into being after Rhaenyra is crowned the Queen with her father King Viserys’ crown, and all of them swear loyalty to her at Dragonstone.

One of these Lords who bent the knee in front of her was Lord Bartimos Celtigar of House Celtigar