Best Cheap Places to Eat in New York and Westchester

Los Primos Resturant

This Latin Caribbean diner is home to the most gorgeous steam table you’ve ever seen and there’s an expansive dining room right next door.

Calle 191 Pescaderia

Located in the northern reaches of Washington Heights near Highbridge Park, this Dominican establishment handily combines a fish market with a restaurant


This branch of a Grand Concourse original is a bit grander, with a dining room up a few steps from the steam table, where a dozen or so Ghanaian dishes are displayed.

Jerk House

Harlem has rarely seen a Jamaican steam-table restaurant with such a broad, pristine selection of island dishes.


Via Senegalese chef and cookbook author Pierre Thiam, this lively place at the northeast corner of Central Park in the Africa Center manages

Taqueria 86

No, this new and splendid Upper West Side taqueria, replete with a full bar, is not located on 86th Street as one might expect from the name, but rather on West 94th.

Bigoi Venezia

There are plenty of off-price pasta mills to be found on the streets of Manhattan, a fad that peaked late in the last century and lingered thereafter.

Ugly Donuts & Corn Dogs

You’re going to have to sit in the park across the street from this new Korean carryout window in the midst of Flushing’s transportation hub.

All'antico Vinaio

Italian-American heroes can be found almost anywhere in town, but All’antico Vinaio offers something different.

Rio Market

Cafes inside food markets, both here and in South America, are often good and a good deal.