Upcoming Google Pixel Fold launch time line, design revealed

Google is expected to launch its first foldable Pixel phone in early June. The phone can be available in two colors.

Google is expected to launch its first foldable Pixel phone soon. However, the company may not have confirmed much information about the Google Pixel Fold. However, a new report has revealed the launch date and design of the device.

According to sources, Google will reportedly introduce two new devices in the month of June. The two upcoming devices could be the Google Pixel Fold and the affordable Pixel 7a.

The Pixel 8 and Pro versions of the anniversary flagships will arrive in the fall.

Recently, an image of the alleged Google Pixel Fold appeared on the Internet. The picture was taken on the train. If this report is true, we can say that Google’s foldable device is in the testing phase. So the phone could indeed arrive in June.

Another report revealed that the phone could be available in two colors – Carbon and Porcelain in Germany as early as early June.

The Google foldable will reportedly be available in a 256GB version. This variant is expected to cost €1,700 ($1,825) in the European Union. It will compete with the Samsung Fold 4 phones, which cost €1,799 ($1,931). However, it will be more expensive than the Honor Magic Vs, which is priced at €1,599 ($1,716).

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