Top 4 features expected on WhatsApp in 2023

WhatsApp is expected to launch several interesting features in 2023 that will improve the user experience. Here are the expected upcoming features.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used online messaging apps. Like any other app, WhatsApp is constantly launching new features and updating itself to provide a seamless user experience. To mark the start of 2023, messaging app WhatsApp has launched a proxy server. It simply means that now people have the option to keep access to the app if their connection is blocked or interrupted. The online messaging app also introduced a community feature in 2022, message each other.

WhatsApp is expected to launch several new features in 2023 to enhance the user experience. Here are some of the expected features that may be introduced this year:

Call tab on WhatsApp desktop

WhatsApp may bring a dedicated call tab for the desktop version of the app. According to a Live Mint report, the feature will allow WhatsApp users to track and eventually sync WhatsApp call data with mobile and web apps. As of now, this feature is available for some beta versions of WhatsApp for Windows users.

Picture-in-Picture for iOS video calling (PIP)

WhatsApp can be used by both Android and iOS users. However, sometimes the feature is made available first for Android and later for iOS and vice versa. Picture-in-picture for video calling is already available for Android users and is expected to be released for iOS soon. The PIP feature will allow users to multitask or use other apps while staying on a WhatsApp call.

Display the text once

WhatsApp users need to be aware of the view once feature through which they can share media files that can only be seen once. Similar to this feature, WhatsApp is now likely to introduce a display feature as soon as the text. This feature deletes text messages as soon as confirmation checks the message. It will allow users to keep their text conversations private and secure.

Accompanying mode

Currently, there is no option to use the same WhatsApp account on two different services or multiple devices. In 2023, WhatsApp is expected to launch a companion mode that will give users the ability to link and sync their WhatsApp data and use the app with the same profile on multiple phones. This will also allow users to use the same WhatsApp profile simultaneously on Android and iOS devices.

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