Pandya Store: Pandya kids refuses to take Shweta’s help?

Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama as Pandya gets a clue about the child’s whereabouts.

In the current story, it is seen that the children made the lady fall on the ground and run away from there. The lady decides to catch the children at any cost. Dev Rishita and Prerna get on their bike to search the children. At the hospital, Dhara asks Gautam to file a missing complaint about the children. Suman suggests they all go and search the kids and she will be with Shiva. Both Dhara and Raavi refuse to leave, so Gautam and Krish decide to search the children.

The children enter the cemetery and scare the salesman and the lady. Dev Rishita and Prerna meet a businessman who tells them that the children were in the graveyard. Children will meet a man who is dressed as superman and will be happy to think that he is a real superman. The man decides to leave the children in a safe place, so he takes them back to the street.

Gautam and Krish worry that they won’t find the children in the graveyard. Both then see the children’s footprints and wonder where they must be. Dhara expresses her concern about not being able to contact Gautam to know about the children.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Shesh will say that he misses his mother and wants to go back to her. Chutki and Mithu also say that they miss their mother too. Shweta tells the children that she will take them to their real mother.

The kids will be watching. Dhara says this time that she will foil all Shweta’s evil tricks against her family. She also declares that she will defeat Shweta with the power of her motherly love.

What happens next? Will Shweta use the opportunity to manipulate the children against the Pandyas? Will the kids agree to go with Shweta? Will they find the Pandy’s children?

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