Netflix is working on 55 new games including some games based on Netflix’s own IPs

Netflix launched its gaming section back in 2021 and as of now has 35 exclusive games in the app based on their hits and shows. Now, according to Netflix’s Q3 investor letter, it was revealed that the company has 55 new games in development, and some of them are based on franchises that are also currently in the works. The company believes they are in the gaming scene for the long haul and launching more games in 2022 seems to be their goal.

Netflix Games spent the first year understanding the demands of its subscribers

According to a document released during Netflix’s most recent earnings call, they said they spent the first year trying to understand what users want and building the right gaming infrastructure into their app.

They mentioned that they saw “encouraging signs of gameplay leading to higher retention”, although it was previously revealed that only 1 percent of Netflix’s user base interacts with their games on a daily basis.

“With 55 more games in development, including additional games based on Netflix IP, we are focused on creating hit games over the next few years that will take our gaming initiative to the next level,” the company said.

Blizzard’s former VP is involved in the upcoming 55 new games

Netflix has opened a development studio in Southern California for its expansion in the gaming space, and it will be led by Chako Sonny, who is a former vice president of Blizzard. The company is said to be developing original new games, which means they are going to open up and acquire new studios.

Although it is still unknown what games Sonny is currently working on, it is safe to assume that it will be something big and important for the company to increase the use of its gaming services by its subscribers, as the number is very high. low considering that this is a free service that is part of a regular subscription. So they will definitely be looking to up their game in that department if they want to stay in the space long-term.

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