Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Beta: All Killstreaks and Scorestreaks

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta players are testing out some of the upcoming game’s most interesting bits. This includes killstreaks, a familiar concept to series veterans that help you gain advantages by defeating opponents. However, this year’s Call of Duty lets you decide whether you want to get killstreaks or scorestreaks, which work based on how many points you’ve racked up instead of kills.

This means there are some interesting changes to the battlefield as well as some new killstreak and scorestreak options to choose from. If you’ve played every new Call of Duty iteration from start to finish every year, you’ll no doubt be familiar with what’s on offer. It’s all pretty standard stuff, from surveillance UAVs to the all-powerful Juggernaut.

On the other hand, if this is your last brush with Call of Duty and you need a refresher on what you can use to rack up kills and points, we’ve got a list of all the killstreaks and scorestreaks you can use while playing one of the game’s several modes multiplayer in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

All Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks and Scorestreaks

The complete list of killstreaks and scorestreaks available in the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta can be found below. More may be available in the full game when it debuts in late October, but those are the ones that will be played during the beta.

Infinity Ward released a community update following the first weekend of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Open Beta that addressed some very controversial topics including red dots on the minimap and the Dead Silence feature.

Modern Warfare II is a direct sequel to the reboot of Modern Warfare (2019) and the next iteration of the Call of Duty franchise. The first Open Beta weekend took place exclusively on PlayStation platforms, and another beta is planned for the upcoming weekend for the aforementioned plus Xbox and PC.

Two features that have been at the forefront of the beta conversation so far are the removal of red dots on the minimap and Dead Silence.

Modern Warfare II Open Beta: Infinity Ward makes sense of Dead Silence and Red Dots on the Minimap

The red dots appearing on the minimap in previous entries would appear when an enemy fired a weapon that was not silenced in Call of Duty. Dead Silence, either a perk or field enhancement, or otherwise known by another name like Ninja, would reduce or eliminate the sound of the player’s footsteps on the map.

Infinity Ward released a statement on both topics.

Red dots on the minimap

“Currently in MW2 Beta we only show enemy player dots when the UAV is active. The reason for the design is that we don’t want to penalize players for firing their weapons. We also want players to actively look for the origin of the shot versus just traveling directly to where the dot is on the minimap. We continue to collect feedback on how the game plays around this theme,” Infinity Ward said.

Dead Silence as an array enhancement

“Dead Silence is another hot topic as many players have expressed that they would like to see it as a Perk instead of a field upgrade. We believe it is important to the health of the game that rushers cannot move at high speed without consequence. Dead Silence as a Field Upgrade creates a balance between freedom of movement and predictability of combat,” said Infinity Ward.
Fans are not happy with the response to any issue. A common answer to the minimap issue is that suppressors historically hid enemies on the minimap when firing weapons. Dead Silence is a different issue with regards to the new Perk system.

Infinity Ward also announced changes including movement updates, a potential fix to the frame cancellation method, and more.

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