Masterchef India 7 17th March 2023 Written Update, Elimination This Week

Masterchef India 7 March 17, 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today’s 17th March 2023 episode of Masterchef India 7 begins with the last semi-final challenge to determine the top 6 finalists and one home cook to be eliminated.

Sachin, Suvarna, Shanta and Aruna left with black aprons and the judges presented the final challenge by calling on celebrity chef Pooja Dingra, who is also known as the queen of macaroons.

Chef Pooja shows the cake to the house chefs, which shocks them as there is a pile of macaroons on the cake.

Home cooks are asked to recreate this cake with the same thought of style and beautiful presentation, but also with a refreshing taste.

Every home cook is trying their best to win this challenge as it is the last step for them before entering the MasterChef finals.

Chef Pooja tells Sachin that he is not making the filling properly and that is why the macarons are not getting the desired shape.

The judges are concerned as they watch Shanta add chili to a cake that may take on a terrifying appearance.

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