Kanye says he was “drugged” to make him a “well behaved celebrity”

Kanye West unleashed a barrage of tweets today, including calling out his former personal trainer for mistreating him.

His last big day on Twitter began by announcing that “the moon is talking to no one.”

In the accompanying image, a handwritten note claimed she was going on a “30-day cleanse” involving “a verbal fast… no alcohol… no adult films… no intercourse”.

However, this “verbal fast” did not last long.

The rapper followed this up by tweeting “you can’t be anti-Semitic when you know you’re a Semite,” accompanied by a screenshot of Shade Room’s post about Kanye, who had previously shared a Bible post.

I haven’t talked to anyone in a month pic.twitter.com/g1JYFmCGEo

— you (@kanyewest) November 3, 2022

Something much more revealing was to follow.

Kanye then shared a text he allegedly received from Harley Pasternak, his former personal trainer, in which Pasternak threatened to have the rapper “re-institutionalized.”

“It should be obvious by now that I was raised to stand my truth regardless of the consequences,” Kanye tweeted. “So I’ll say it again… I was mentally misdiagnosed and almost got off drugs to become a manageable well behaved celebrity.”

In a follow-up tweet, he continued this thread: “I was told that if I exposed the truth about bad business practices, everything would be taken away from me…including my black children.”

Kanye’s last tweet at the time of writing contained multiple alleged texts from Pasternak, with one containing a message that read “Your ancestry may be Jewish.”

“This shows that Harley (Pasternak) admits to knowing the truth about our origins, but later dismisses the facts in the same text string… Watch out, this is how a Hollywood trainer talks to a much more influential black celebrity when we step out of line.” Kanye wrote in the caption.

A household name in celebrity circles, Pasternak cut ties with Kanye following his recent anti-Semitic posts on social media.

“I think Kanye has a history of mental health issues and it seems like he’s probably going through an episode right now. If people continue to give him a platform to discuss hateful, anti-Semitic rhetoric, they are complicit, so I applaud Facebook and Twitter,” the personal trainer, who is Jewish, told Newsweek.

Pasternak was also the personal trainer Kanye referenced in his controversial comments about Lizzo during a recent interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

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