Imlie 18th March 2023 Written Update: Arto takes up the responsibility of business

The episode starts with Imlie trying to make Art understand that he should take charge of the business for Rudra as he needs him right now. Arto feels guilty for not understanding earlier and Imlie tries. He says he is ready to join the business and thanks Imlia for her words. Arto becomes Atharv Rana from DJ Arto and wears a suit. Suddenly he sees Imlie disguised as Kuljit Singh. He is shocked and asks her who is and where is Imlie?

Imlie takes off her fake beard and says that she is only Imlie who lied to him that day to get the job at Bhaskar Times. She wouldn’t have got the job if she went there like Imlie. Arto acts like he’s mad at Imlie because she lied to him again and she wasn’t in the bathroom that day. Imlie apologizes to him, but Arto pulls her closer. He says he knows how important Bhaskar Times is to her and she has changed clothes for that, so she has no complaints. She smiles but worries about how to tell the truth to the office staff.

Arto says that she is a deserving candidate and that is why she was chosen for the job, so now she should also fearlessly tell the truth and he is sure that she will not be scolded. Imlie also gives him courage by saying that it is his first day in the office and he need not be nervous as he will learn everything soon.

There Dhairya is in the office ignoring someone talking about Akash’s act. Later, Rudra gets a call from Mr. Mahesh, who is yet to receive his payment from Rana, so he orders his men to break things in Ranas’ office. Rudra begs him not to but then scolds Akash for not giving the payment to Mahesh. Now they are afraid of who will manage it all. Imlie comes with Art and says he is there to take responsibility. Arto says he won’t let Rudra be alone in a difficult situation.

Devika says Arto deserves all the credit and credits Imlia for making him realize his responsibility. Rudra hugs Art and Imlie asks him to work well. They go to the office and there Dhairya stops the man from breaking office things. He beats them and Mahesh appears from behind. Mahesh asks him that he stole the money so why is he saving their property. Dhairya says that he is not the culprit and will never betray his boss Rudra. Mahesh says son and father are both guilty.

Dhairya says Rudra works hard but Arto got rich due to luck. Mahesh’s men have a firm hold on Dhairya. Rudra arrives with Art and assures Mahesh that he will give him the payment by tomorrow. Mahesh warns him and leaves. Rudra thanks Dhairya for his help and also tells him to guide Art in handling the account as he is new here. Imlie tells the truth to her manager and he is amazed that she went to such lengths to save her job. He promotes her and she goes from intern to assistant reporter. He gives her a task and she decides to deliver the good news to Art.

Arto thanks Dhairya for his help and he says that it will take some time to clean up the mess in his house, but maybe everything is ready in Arto’s house. Arto says he understands his point of view but he is not completely dependent on Rudra. Dhairya leaves without listening to him. Arto thinks that he cannot disappoint Rudra but completes the proposal properly. Imlie video calls him and he says she understood that he is tensed. He says he hopes he doesn’t make a design mistake. Imlie hides her success from him and wishes Arto to succeed in his work.

Precap- Imlie sees that her researches are gone from her laptop and Arto is also sleeping there without finishing his work. Kia says she got revenge on both of them for labeling them a fraud.

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