How to Watch HBO Max on Amazon Fire Devices: Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and More

You can watch HBO Max from almost anywhere as long as you have a connected device. Here’s what you need to know about watching the service on Amazon Fire TV.

HBO Max launched in early 2020 and has become a streaming favorite thanks to its extensive catalog of critically acclaimed titles and original programming. From The Stewardess and Game of Thrones to Adult Swimcollection and DCUniverse, HBO Max offers shows, movies and live programming that will appeal to just about everyone.

Like its competitors, the streamer is available on many devices, including Amazon’s various Fire TV options. With an HBO Max subscription and an up-to-date Fire TV device, you can stream the best movies on HBO Max—and anything else you want.

Whether you’re watching on a Fire TV Stick or a full-fledged Fire TV, it should work with HBO Max if you know how to set it up. Read on to find out everything you need to know about watching HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV devices.

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What is HBO Max?

HBO went through several iterations of the streaming app before landing on HBO Max. Before it was the streaming service we know today, it was HBO Go or HBO Now. However, in 2020, HBO launched HBO Max, eventually scraping the other apps and driving customers to the new app. With the new service came more shows and movies from other networks owned by HBO’s parent company, Warner Media.

The streaming service’s library includes everything from HBO originals to fan favorites on sister channels like Cartoon Network, TBS and Turner Classic Movies. The library consists of hundreds of titles, including major award winners, DC originals, Looney Tunes and more.

HBO Max subscription currently costs $10/month. for the ad-supported version and $15/month. for the ad-free version. You can knock 16 percent off either option by paying a year in advance. The ad-free version also includes the ability to download titles for offline viewing.

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There are also a number of ways to get HBO Max, potentially for less or no additional cost. If you have an unlimited phone plan, you can even get an entire subscription provided by AT&T. HBO Max is also available at no extra cost to many customers who currently subscribe to HBO through their local cable provider.

Watch HBO Max on these Amazon Fire TV streaming devices

Amazon’s Fire TV devices offer comprehensive support for HBO Max – which is great considering that these devices are widely popular for streaming. All the latest Amazon Fire TV streaming devices now support HBO Max: Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rozik loses his cool for the first time

  1. Amazon Fire TV
  2. Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite
  3. Amazon Fire TV Stick
  4. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
  5. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max
  6. Amazon Fire TV Cube
  7. Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TVs
  8. Amazon Fire tablet

As long as your Fire device is running Fire OS 5.1 or later, it will play HBO Max.

A step-by-step guide to watching HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV devices

Sign up for HBO Max: Before you can watch HBO Max on any device, you’ll need a subscription. Go to the HBO Max website and find the “Sign Up Now” button. Click there, select your plan, and you’ll be taken to a form to fill out and create an account. Enter your information and click Create Account. You will then be asked to fill in your billing information and activate your HBO Max account. There is currently no free trial of HBO Max, so you will be charged once you complete your account creation.

  1. Start Amazon Fire TV: Turn on the device and go to the home screen.
  2. Find HBO Max: On your device’s home screen, look for the option to add apps. There should be an Application option in the top navigation bar. Select this option and either search for HBO Max or browse until you find it. Download the app for free.
  3. Launch HBO Max: Once you’ve added the HBO Max app to your device, open it from your home screen or from your app library. Log in to your account and start streaming.

What can I watch on HBO Max with Amazon Fire TV devices?

Of course, HBO Max offers stellar HBO originals like House of Dragon, Succession, and The Wire. The streaming service also has a crop of its own originals that don’t air on HBO, such as the sci-fi series Raised by Wolves and the dark comedy The Flight Attendant.

HBO Max also offers a variety of original documentaries and live performances. Amy Schumer has a comedy show, Selena Gomez has a cooking show, and there’s even a kids’ crafting show called Craftopia. Expanding into the larger documentary scene, there are plenty of uplifting documentaries alongside harrowing real-life stories to keep you searching for the next movie to watch or series to binge. HBO Max is also the streaming home for TBS, TNT, Warner Bros. TV and more, making it the place to go for classic TV shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and more.

In addition to original HBO programming, HBO Max also includes subsections for Cartoon Network, DC, Turner Classic Movies, Adult Swim, Looney Tunes, Studio Ghibli and more. You’re sure to enjoy something on the Amazon Fire TV device of your choice.

HBO Max to return in late November

Free HBO Max subscriptions through Rice are set to return in late November after Philo, the streaming service used by the university to provide students with access to HBO Max, exited the education market last spring.

Housing and Dining provides Internet TV for undergraduates and graduate students living in Rice apartments as part of the room and board fees, according to H&D Director David McDonald. Access to HBO Max was a result of University Video Services, a company providing IP TV to Rice students, in partnership with Philo.

“We were in a position to at least restore TV services by the fall, using Streeme TV,” McDonald said. “HBO Max is taking some time to restore, however, but University Video Services anticipates it will be restored by the end of November.”

Artie Throop, a sophomore at Jones College, said they used HBO Max at least once a week last year to watch a few shows. Noting that they no longer had access to that platform in late August, Throop said it felt like there was no warning.

“I’ve been watching several shows on HBO Max that I’ve now lost access to … that aren’t streaming anywhere else and aren’t on cable,” Throop said. “I especially enjoyed the access to Studio Ghibli films that are not available on any other streaming service. I used to like watching them when I was doing my art assignments or when I was having a bad day, and now I can’t.”

Asha Malani, one of the HBO Max Campus Brand Reps, said she received many messages from people asking why their accounts weren’t working at the beginning of the semester, and her duties as an HBO Max Rep had shifted.

“My job last year was to tell students they had free HBO Max accounts and show them how to activate them,” said Malani, a Will Rice College senior. “This year… it’s my job to encourage students to pay their own subscriptions.”

Sarah Birenbaum, a junior at Jones, said she is excited that HBO will return.

“I think HBO coming back will be great for the connection,” Birenbaum said. “At least at Jones, we have projectors in our floor lobbies, so having more access to streaming networks will help bring the floor closer.”

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