How to obtain Ashwinder eggs in Hogwarts Legacy?

Have you ever wondered or dreamed about life as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Now you can truly become and lead a life as a student of this magical institution in the game Hogwarts Legacy. Role-playing elements include creating a character, leveling it up, customizing personal spaces, learning new abilities and spells, and much more.

It has a vast open world that allows players to explore Hogwarts Castle and its surroundings. They can search for secrets, find loot, collect collectibles and tame animals and collect ingredients for potions. One such ingredient is the Ashwinder Egg, which this guide will cover.

Where to find Ashwinder eggs in Hogwarts Legacy

Before players attempt to hunt down this ingredient, it is highly recommended to get a broom as it will make the process much easier. These eggs are known to breed regularly in several places, mostly in the rocky and mountainous areas of the Hogwarts heritage. The broom is very useful when trying to get into these troubling terrains.

Witches and wizards can quickly spot these eggs, especially in the dark, as they glow bright orange. The most notable places where Ashwinder eggs are found are near the Quidditch field, around the rocky parts. They are often found in clumps of three, sometimes two.

For the price of 150 Galleons per egg, J. Pippins will be happy to accommodate you at his shop in Hogwarts.

How to use the Ashwinder Egg in Hogwarts Legacy

They are primarily used as an ingredient for brewing potions; students will use this to create their first potion this semester. In the early parts of the story, players take part in a main quest that teaches them how to brew potions.

As part of the class, they will have to brew an Edurus potion from a single piece of hybrid fur and a dose of Ashwinder’s egg. This is a vital potion for any Hogwarts Legacy playthrough as it significantly increases one’s defense. Players can return to the Room of Requirement and brew these potions again.

Some trivia about Ashwinder eggs

As the name suggests, these eggs are laid by a creature named Ashwinder. It was first mentioned in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It is a snake with glowing red eyes and a lifespan of one hour. She rushes to lay her eggs and leaves a trail of fire behind her. Ashwinders can often be found lying dead next to newly laid eggs.

These eggs are fiery red and can often ignite their surroundings. You should handle them with care and remember to charm them into a frozen state before using them as an ingredient. Ashwinder eggs can be used in love potions and as a cure for ague if swallowed whole.

Hogwarts Legacy has had an excellent reception so far. Despite its controversy, the game was a great success. It was released for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S on February 10, 2023, and will be released on other platforms at a later date. Readers can click here to find more guides, news and the latest information about the game.

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