How to look younger: ‘Age-defying’ hair hack could take years off in just 10 seconds

Hair stylist Justin Hickox shares on YouTube how women can look younger at home with a few style hacks, including one hack that takes less than a minute.

Do you have 10 seconds and want to instantly look younger? Get rid of that center parting.

Justin explained, “The problem with center parts is that they take away any ability to create volume at the crown.

“If we’re talking about an age-defying look, we have to understand that you want to accentuate the cheekbones and the bone structure—you want to lift the eye.”

According to Justin, volume can be created in the crown in seconds

He explained that a center parting doesn’t just take volume away from the crown, it actually adds volume to the sides.

This reduces vision, which is the opposite of what we want if we want to look more youthful.

Styling your hair so that it’s more on one side of your face adds a bit of body, frames your face and takes years off instantly, according to an expert.

Another problem many women have with their hair is that they don’t bother to style it.

This means they can’t add volume to your hair and can hang limp – especially if it’s longer.

Justin said: “Taking the time to put some product in there, put some volume in there and start putting on makeup and shaping it is a huge deal.”

But adding volume here, there, and everywhere isn’t key, according to Justin, and can actually make things worse.

For example, those with a longer face should not add a lot of volume to the top of the head, as this will elongate the face.

Conversely, people with fuller faces should avoid creating too much volume on the sides of the face.

“Paying attention to where you add volume for your particular face shape is absolutely key.”

All of these tips can be done at home and only take a few minutes.

However, some anti-aging magic must be left to the hair salon, such as cut and color.

When it comes to hair length, Justin claimed that hair that is too long can be very aging.

He stated, “Cutting one’s hair short doesn’t age anyone.

“Whenever our hair is too long, it dictates how short we can cut the layers.

“That means even though it’s layered, it can still be heavy and long.”

This does not mean that women have to cut off all their hair to look youthful. Justin said, “It has to be short enough that the layers are short enough to create the shape.”

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