How To Complete The Under Construction Challenge In Destiny 2

Exclusive encounter challenges for the King’s Fall raid have been running in Destiny 2 for weeks. Totems, Warpriest and Golgoroth challenges have been released so far. The penultimate challenge for the Daughters of Oryx is about to begin. So today let’s discuss how to complete the under-construction challenge in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 guide under construction

In order to complete the challenge, players cannot allow the platforms to disappear from existence. If the platforms fade, someone else must replace the players who were on the boards before. It’s a very straightforward challenge that requires simple communication between players to swap plates if the platforms disappear.

For example, if players are standing on the R1 and L1 boards and if one of them stepped off, the platforms would then disappear. After that, the two new players will have to swap with those who were on the L1 and R1 tags earlier. However, this is only if someone steps on it in an accident. Players can simply play the encounter as normal, as long as none of them dismount from the plates they are standing on before the marker is claimed.

If you plan to complete it on main raid difficulty, then the only difference is the presence of Anti-Barrier Knights. During each part of the construction phase, an anti-barrier knight will appear on the designated tile to determine where construction will begin. Otherwise, the combat is more or less the same as the normal version.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Under Construction challenge in Destiny 2. Check out other guides for previous King’s Fall challenges like Devious Thievery and Gaze Amaze in Destiny 2.

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