How to buy Resident Evil Village on Nintendo Switch

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to purchase Resident Evil Village Cloud Edition from the Nintendo Switch eShop, you’re not alone. The actual shopping page isn’t the most intuitive thing to land on. However, if you take the right steps, getting to the purchase page is not that difficult. We will guide you through the entire process.

Remember, this is a cloud version of a popular horror game. Sometimes it may not run as smoothly, but people have reported that it runs well overall. This is the same process you will have to go through for other cloud versions of Resident Evil games on Switch.

How to buy Resident Evil Village for Nintendo Switch

Download the free Resident Evil Village Cloud demo from the Nintendo eShop using the link above. This can be done from the switch or from a web browser.

Once the software download is complete, select the demo icon from the switch’s main menu.

Select Play Demo. If you try to go directly to the Nintendo eShop link without playing the demo, you will get a warning saying that you must play the demo first before purchasing the game.

A page will appear explaining that this is a cloud version. Select OK.

Play the Resident Evil Village demo or play at least two minutes of the demo.

When this orange warning appears in the upper left corner, press the + and – buttons at the same time.

This will take you to the Resident Evil Village Cloud hidden shopping page on the Nintendo eShop. Select Continue to Purchase and complete the final steps to add the game to your library.

Once the download is complete, enjoy the game!

Step in and save your daughter!

Although the cloud version of Resident Evil Village on Switch is convoluted, it’s probably only accessible through a demo to make sure people understand how the game plays before purchasing. Cloud versions of games don’t download locally, so they have to pass information from a remote server to your Switch. Various factors will affect the smoothness of the game, including your Wi-Fi connection and the number of people using the service.

Now that you know how to purchase and download the game, you can begin the adventure of Ethan Winter as he works to save his daughter from the four masters who have her in their clutches. Good luck fighting these bosses and their legions of minions. Don’t forget to save bullet points as much as possible and adjust all settings if needed to make your gaming experience better.

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