Google Photos just got a bunch of upgraded features — here’s what’s new

Three years ago, Google Photos launched its new “Memories” feature, which automatically collected your photos into “stories” similar to those found on Instagram or Snapchat. At the time, these stories were completely private – but that will now change. That is, assuming you want it.

Google announced today (opens in a new tab) that it’s making it easier to share moments in what it says is “the biggest update to Memories since launch.” It also includes a new collage editor that lets you more easily create and share your own creations.

This new update starts rolling out today, and according to Google, it means more videos will start appearing in the app. Specifically, “the best snippets from your longer videos” will be automatically selected and trimmed.

Google Photos will also offer a more “dynamic” feel with the use of “gentle zoom” which adds some movement and which, along with the music, is meant to absorb the newly created Memories.

Crucially, this will be different from the dynamic zoom used in the 3D Cinematic Photos feature, which was first launched in 2020. However, Cinematic Photos is also getting an update that will apparently “turn multiple still photos into a complete cinematic experience.” Music is also added to make the photos “feel a bit like a movie”.

If that wasn’t enough, the new Styles feature automatically adds graphics and drawings to your memories. There will be several designs available when it hits your phone, and Google will likely keep adding more in the coming months.

If Google does all these things automatically, it’s not your thing, the new collage tools give you the chance to get your own creative juices flowing; you choose photos, designs and customize the layout.

Google Photos also gives you the ability to edit photos in a collage editor. This option is available to everyone, although Google One members and Pixel owners will have access to an additional 30 designs and other editing features.

Even with all these new features, however, the most notable change is the ability to share memories with others. People have apparently been bugging Google about this option for a while, and now the company has decided to agree. This ability will be extended to Android devices as part of this new update, so with just a few taps you’ll be able to share those memories like anything else – whether it’s a photo or a video.

Sadly, iOS and web users will have to wait a bit longer to get the same ability. How long remains unclear, but Google says the feature is “coming soon.”

For some time now, AI has been helping apps like Google Photos and Apple Photos automatically share selected photo-based memories in the form of collages, slideshows, and even edited photos. To expand the creations in Google Photos, Google just announced an update that will build on AI-based capabilities to make your served memories look prettier than ever. Let’s go through the details together:

Google Photos launched three years ago, and to celebrate the anniversary, Google published a blog post detailing the new and advanced features of Memories. Google says the update is the biggest update to Memories since the feature launched.

The update brings with it a new collage editor as well as more integrated clips from recorded videos and a more dynamic slideshow of still photos.

“With the update starting today, you’ll see more videos—including the best clips from your longer videos that Photos automatically selects and cuts so you can relive the most meaningful moments. Even your photos will be more dynamic thanks to the gentle zoom that will bring movement to your memories.”

In addition to updates to the features we already know, the Memories update also brings a new feature called Styles that takes inspiration from old albums. This feature will automatically add graphic art elements behind your photos to make them stand out more as if they were placed in an old notebook.

There will also be a new easy-to-use and efficient collage maker that will allow users to combine multiple photos to quickly create beautiful and engaging collages.

As mentioned above, the Memories update is already rolling out to Google Photos users, which means it should appear in your version of the app soon.

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