Dear Ishq 18th March 2023 Written Update: Abhimanyu’s behavior annoys Asmita

The episode starts with Abhimanyu telling Asmita that he won’t wait any longer and also informs her that he has a lot of female attention. Asmita mocks him. Meera arrives there and gives them Arya’s other phone. She further asks them both not to involve her anymore and then leaves. Asmita finds that the phone is locked, so Abhimanyu suggests her to meet one of the guys who is good at hacking. Asmita agrees. Abhimanyu further says that he has a lunch date with his mother so he has to leave. Meanwhile, Rizwan receives a message from the blackmailer that he has given him money and also promised not to threaten him again.

Rizwan is relieved, which he expresses to Anirbhan. He also learns from Anirbhan that he was the one who gave the money to the blackmailer, so he expresses his gratitude to him. He also calls him the most important person in his life. Anirbhan smirks and thinks that he will remain the most important person in life for the rest of his life.

Here, Abhimanyu is shocked to see Queenie Bakshi in his bedroom. She tries to get closer to him but Abhimanyu refuses saying that they have already broken up no matter what is going on between them. Queenie Bakshi reminds him that it was his decision that she disagreed with. She further questions him about his relationship with Asmita and says that Asmita is controlling him. Abhimanyu tells her that no one can control him and then makes Queenie Bakshi leave the place saying that he will write his book.

Asmita tries the number Arya was talking on but it is in off state so she decides to use Abhimanyu and calls him. Abhimanyu ignores her calls and says she is the one who asked him for time so he gave it to her. Asmita gets angry when Abhimanyu doesn’t answer calls and thinks that he is the one who told her that he wants to be a part because his name is in it but now he is not answering calls. Abhimanyu is writing his book. Peter looks at Arya’s pictures on his phone. Maya arrives there and mocks him for his attempt to hide something from her. Petr blames her for knocking on the door. Maya tells him that the police want to question him. Peter is nervous and asks her why he is being questioned unnecessarily when it is clear that Arya’s death is a suicide. Maya mocks him for explaining himself. Peter accuses Maya and then leaves the place.

Asmita looks at Arya’s phone photos to find any trace of her but finds none. Abhimanyu sends her a new chapter. Asmita calls him but it goes unanswered so he concentrates on reading the next chapter. Abhimanyu looks at his phone receiving a call from Asmita and in the meantime opens the door. He is shocked to see Asmita there. Asmita questions Abhimanya for ignoring her calls when he is the one who showed interest in finding out what actually led Arya to commit suicide. Abhimanyu tells her that he is giving her the time she asked for. Asmita gets angry. He then informs Abhimanyu about the status of the number being switched off. Abhimanyu calls his friend to find out who it is. Asmita asks if they should involve the police or not? Abhimanyu refuses to involve the police. Asmita decides to leave but Abhimanyu asks her to wait and says his friend might call him with details and then goes inside. Asmita finds Raman’s City Of Lakes book and a note he wrote for Abhimanya on the first page of the book. She questions Abhimanyu and he tells her that she is not his girlfriend. Asmita gets furious and leaves. Abhimanyu scolds Nanna. At the office, Shalini decides to destroy Asmit’s peace at any cost. Asmita leaves the office. She is surprised to find Raman with Bani and wonders what he is doing. He then goes to his house and hears Shailaja and her grandmother laughing, so he asks what makes them laugh and enters the living room. She is shocked to see Abhimanyu there and asks him what he is doing here. Abhimanyu smiles.

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