Best Anime Characters Who Fight With Their Bare Hands

Anime is full of powerful characters who level entire cities with their brute force. Powerful units that make their way through obstacles unaided are a huge pressure when they appear on the show. Many of these characters need nothing more than their bare hands to bring opponents to their knees.

A strike that can blow away a mountain or decimate an entire world strikes fear into those who witness their unstoppable power. These characters have unimaginable abilities and will crush anything that stands in their way. Here are strong anime characters who fight with their bare hands.


Vegeta stands at the pinnacle of powerful fighters. The Prince of All Saiyans is right at home, facing insurmountable odds with nothing but his left and right. Vegeta has come a long way from Goku’s earlier recommendation when he first arrived to destroy Earth. Vegeta went through a journey of change that shifted his personality from an egotistical villain to an arrogant protector of the planet. However, the Saiyan blood that runs through Vegeta’s veins keeps him proud and always ready to prove his strength against any opponent. More than anyone else, the object of Vegeta’s ambition is Goku, whom he will fight anytime, anywhere.

Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma is the son of the strongest creature on Earth. He was brutally trained and groomed by his father to become a skilled martial artist and hand to hand fighter. Baki has inherited his father’s physical abilities and is well on his way to growing into them. However, Baki did not adopt his father’s negative personality traits, which is to the benefit of all those around him.

Baki may not brag about his strength, but there is no doubt that he enjoys competing in underground martial arts tournaments and emerging victorious. Baki subjects his body to turmoil in order to gain just an ounce of strength, speed, or power, and continues to do so with one clear goal: to defeat his father.


At first glance, Gon appears to be a bright and cheerful young boy who doesn’t care about anything. However, in reality, Gon is a deadly fighter who has been through more than most. When Gon set out on a journey to find his father and become a hunter, the possibility of gaining immense power was the last thing on his mind.

Most of the encounters Gon went through were random, but when he learned to harness his Nen, he became more than just a wide-eyed child. Gon is strong enough to rival some of the strongest fighters in the Hunter x Hunter universe as he went toe-to-toe with Hisoka, Pita, and Genthra.

Itadori Yuuji

Itadori is the vessel for the legendary cursed spirit, Sukun. As such, Itadori possesses immense strength and courage to contain the beast within him. After swallowing one of Sukuna’s fingers, Itadori’s power increased tenfold. At the same time, most Jujutsu wizards manipulate cursed energy in unique ways. Itadori covers his fists in energy to beat the cursed spirits to a pulp.

Itadori’s punches are strong enough to make a special cursed spirit flinch with a single blow. He was even able to prevent multiple curses at once with nothing but his brute strength. Itadori had recently learned to control his punches and effectively control his cursed energy, giving him access to the black lightning ability.


Chad was one of several of Ichigo’s friends who gained special spiritual powers and began to defend himself against the Hollows who invaded and attacked Karakura Town. Chad has always come across as a strong individual due to his tall stature and impressive physique. When Chad gained his powers, they manifested in an altered right arm that exceptionally increased his striking power.

As a result, Chad attacks facing his opponents, needing only one hit to knock out common hollows. During the Hueco Mundo arc, Chad revealed that his powers were quite similar to the Hollows and had further evolved so that he could now use both arms in combat.

Yuusuke Yuramishi

Yurameshi is a volatile, nasty street punk who likes to get into fights and harass ordinary people. In the Yu Yu Hakusho series, Yuusuke becomes a spiritual detective and fends off powerful demons, monsters, and ancient spirits with only his bare hands.

While Yuusuke has many spiritual techniques to help him fight his opponents, he prefers punches to the face. After being trained as a Genkai, Yuusuke evolved from a brawler into a talented fighter who can adequately utilize his strength and his spiritual energy.

All Might

All Might stands at the forefront when it comes to melee combat. Utilizing his One for All quirk, All Might can increase his strength, speed, and stamina to untold levels, making him one of the most powerful heroes in Japan. All of Might’s punches are powerful enough to completely destroy matter, level a full-fledged city, and even create tornadoes out of thin air.

A weapon in All Might’s hand would be a devastating combination, but All Might prefers to face fistfights like his late mentor. All Might has several techniques for his various punches named after American states, such as the Delaware Smash and the United States of Smash, which is by far his most powerful attack.

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