Apple TV 4K just got a great deal at Amazon

If you’re an Apple fan or looking for a streaming device, Amazon has an interesting deal for you today. The 32GB Apple TV 4K 2021 model is on special sale for just $100. That’s $79 off its usual price of $179, a whopping 44% off.

Why you should buy an Apple TV 4K

But if you’ve been looking for Apple TV deals, then you’re in luck. The Apple TV 4K 2021 comes with a slightly improved version of the black box that made the original Apple TV 4K 2017 so successful, but has a highly improved Siri remote. Apple TV 4K 2021 streams in 4K, as the name suggests, and can stream content from Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. You get great Dolby Atmos surround sound, sound, video and graphics are powered by the A12 Bionic chip.

As our Apple TV 4K 2017 vs Apple TV 4K 2021 comparison makes clear, for most people the only noticeable difference between the two devices will be the remote control. The Apple TV 4K 2021 remote control is slightly larger than the original and has a more sensitive control. The Siri button has also been moved to the side to prevent accidental activation that was all too common with the previous model. Overall, it’s just better.

If this sounds like a winning product for your home theater setup, now you can pick it up for much cheaper than usual at just $100 – that’s $79 less than the typical price of $179. We don’t know when this deal will end, so if you like the sound of it, you better act now. But if Apple TV 4K isn’t for you, check out the best streaming devices instead for something more to your liking.

The 2021 Apple TV 4K is cheaper than ever right now

Apple just launched the new Apple TV 4K, which is powered by the A15 chip, but it won’t start shipping until November 4th. However, if you must have an Apple digital player right now, you might want to check out Amazon. The 32GB version of the 2021 model is currently on sale for $100, which is the lowest price we’ve seen on the web. That’s 44 percent, or $79, off the original price. Apple TV 4K 2021 is powered by the tech giant’s A12 Bionic chip and supports Dolby Vision HDR display technology.

It also comes with a Siri remote that has a touch pad so you can issue voice commands like “Pause” or “Turn on closed captions” while you’re watching. The device can be paired with up to two sets of AirPods for private listening and can display photos and videos from your other Apple devices via AirPlay. Plus, it can show you a live view of your HomeKit-enabled cameras and also let you control your smart home accessories. If you need more storage, the 64GB version is also on sale for 40 percent off for $120.

However, that’s only slightly less than the Apple TV 4K 2022, which you can pre-order right now. The 64GB WiFi-only version will set you back $130, while the 128GB version with WiFi and an Ethernet port will set you back $150.

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