All Minecraft Live 2022 mobs you can vote for: Sniffler & more

One of the most anticipated aspects of Minecraft Live is mob votes, so we’ve compiled all the mobs you can vote for in Minecraft Live 2022 to pick your favorite.

Minecraft Live is often filled to the brim with announcements and potential changes to the game fans know and love—but there’s one event every Minecraft fan looks forward to: the annual crowd vote. This mob vote allows the Minecraft community to choose from three mobs and decide which creature will be added in the next update.

With this year’s Minecraft Live coming on October 15th, 2022, crowds are starting to be announced and more information is being released regularly. So here’s everything you need to know about the mobs announced so far in Minecraft Live and how to vote for them.

All Minecraft Live 2022 mobs revealed so far: Sniffler and more

The Sniffler is the first mob to be fully announced for the Minecraft Live mob vote. Found inside ancient eggs in underwater ruins, they can be picked up and hatched on the surface.

Sniffs basically dig their heads into the ground and find seeds for you, although these seeds aren’t different. Minecraft’s Sniffler video hinted that the crowd will be introducing new, unique plants for you to enjoy and grow if you vote for this adorable ancient creature.

Mob #2
While this mob doesn’t have a name yet, the announcement of the Mob vote gave players a brief look at what it might be.

We know that one of the three mobs will come from the mines. It was mentioned that it was ‘watching’ the people in the caves, so it could be connected to the enemy mob, or rather one that seems to be spying on the people mining.

Mobile number 3
The yet-to-be-announced third mob has relatively little description, meaning there is still a lot unknown about this mob.

What we do know is that this crowd tends to steal hats. It could be a thief who steals your stuff if you’re not careful, a chaotic mob just trying to get in your way, or potentially a raccoon due to their recent description as Trash Bandits, which refers to the black “mask” on their faces. .

How to vote for mobs in Minecraft Live

To vote, you have to wait until October 14, 2022 – one day before the official Minecraft Live event.

  • On that day, a special Bedrock server will open for you to go to and vote.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t have access to Bedrock, you may be able to submit your decision to the Minecraft launcher or the Minecraft website.
  • So, there you have it – those are all the mobs we know of that you’ll be able to choose from in Minecraft Live. Be sure to check back soon as we will continue to update you with more details as they are released.

What happens to the losers of Minecraft Mob Vote?

Minecraft’s Mob Vote will return on October 14th, 2022 and will run until October 15th, 2022.

Only one of the three candidates in Mob Vote will be implemented until a future content update. This leaves some members of the community wondering what will happen to those who don’t win.

Luckily, curious Minecraft fans got their answer shortly after the 2022 Mob Vote was announced.

According to Ulraf, a developer at Mojang, mobs that lose their vote will be stored in the company’s “IdeasLibrary.” This repository has been referenced in the past, but it apparently records various aspects of Minecraft that remain unimplemented.

Minecraft: What is Mojang’s IdeasLibrary?

According to Ulraf, the Minecraft development team at Mojang very rarely pitches game ideas.

The IdeaLibrary exists to store potential ideas that didn’t gain traction with the community or didn’t seem playable at the time. Mojang will keep these features in mind in case they might be implemented later.

The creation of IdeasLibrary is an excellent move by Mojang. Since the development of Minecraft requires a lot of creativity, simply discarding decent ideas for the game would be regressive to the creative process.

After Ulraf posted his tweet, some players were curious about how IdeasLibrary works. Since this is a relatively quiet aspect of Mojang’s development process, some are wondering how a feature or mob will make its way from the IdeasLibrary into the game itself.

The fact is that Mojang has not been honest about exactly how they use the IdeasLibrary. However, the idea of ​​a developer keeping existing ideas tucked away for later updates is something worth getting comfortable with. Many players were excited about previous mob inclusions, such as the copper golem that lost the Mob Vote in 2021.

While the IdeasLibrary is a welcome part of Minecraft’s development cycle, it’s certainly quite mysterious. It’s only reasonable that players are skeptical about how storage is used. The community has seen little evidence that panning features will return to the game in any sense.

For example, many of the previous Mob Vote losers have yet to appear in any Minecraft content update. That doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t appear in the future, but so far the community has seen little evidence that the IdeasLibrary works. Maybe that will change in 2023 when brand new updates are released.

In any case, there’s some certainty that the losers of this year’s Mob Vote won’t simply be tossed to the wind once the contest is over.

Nothing is guaranteed, but IdeasLibrary is likely to inspire hope among community members who hope that their preferred crowd-voted option will continue to some extent.

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