11 Gotham Knights Tips To Kick Criminal Ass And Clean The Streets In Style

When you’re first introduced to Gotham Knights, it can be a counterintuitive mash-up of familiar mechanics grafted onto a confusing mix of systems from other games. There’s Arkham-inspired melee combat, a Destiny-style progression system, and RPG elements that can lure you into the false sense that you’re playing as Diablo. Here are some tips on how to cut through the clutter and bring order to the chaos in a Batman-less city.

Most character development carries over, so switch heroes as often as you like

At the beginning of Gotham Knights, you have the option to start the game with one of the four members of the Bat Family. You might think that this choice will lock you out of the other three guards, but it doesn’t. Even the game makes it clear that you can freely switch your character whenever you want by simply returning to the gang’s base of operations, The Belfry, although this is very quickly glossed over and mentioned again in the game’s database. on the investigation board and to the right of the training facility are four suits lined up in open display cases. Interacting with them changes your character. And don’t worry, every member levels up at the same time, so you won’t lose any progress.

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You should seriously explore the open world

Gotham City isn’t as large an open world as, say, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s 11th-century England, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect any of its many dynamic side activities. Bank robberies, gang hideouts, murder investigations, stolen vehicles – just about anything you do (except beat up cops) gives you some experience points and/or crafting materials. There’s also plenty of loot to discover, collectibles to uncover, and goons to cover (in dirt). Additionally, you’ll need to grind through the open world to progress through some of the game’s main missions, as well as unlock the various superhero suits and colors available to protect them in style. So you might as well get used to your regularly scheduled Gotham night patrol soon.

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Practice, practice, practice those perfect attacks and dodges

Gotham Knights is perfectly fine as you fight your way through. Find some goons committing crimes on the streets of Gotham and smash their skulls by repeatedly pressing the attack button. Cool, no problem. But if you want to deal more damage while quickly filling your momentum meter (a gauge that allows you to perform unlockable character-specific combat abilities), then you’ll need to hone in on perfect attacks. However, you can only become perfect attacks by practicing perfect dodges, which is done by running away at the last possible second before the enemy strike connects with your dome. Do this and you’ll get this satisfying semi-slow dodge that leaves your opponent open for a perfect high-damage attack. Now you can pound the bad guys in style.

Complete those knight challenges as soon as possible

Since Gotham is in constant danger, the game will throw a lot of challenges and missions at you to complete on a regular basis. One of the first available revolves around chivalry, the prospect of becoming the vigilante Gotham needs and gaining the trust of the townspeople. It’s nice to become Gotham’s protector after Batman’s death, but you’ll want to complete the Knight’s Challenges early for a completely different reason: unlocking a unique transport ability for each member of the Bat-Family. It’s a bit long-winded though. You must complete the Timed Strikes training mission, stop 10 premeditated crimes and defeat three mini-bosses. You also have to complete these challenges with each character to complete your knighthood, meaning this is the only time that leveling doesn’t transfer between families.

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But completing them and earning a knighthood unlocks the character’s method of fast travel, such as the Batgirl-like Cape Glide or Nightwing’s technological equivalent, the Mechanical Glider. Now you’ll have more ways to get around Gotham City than just a grappling hook or Batcycle.

To make the numbers go up

You can only craft gear in the Belfry, so make sure you upgrade your gear before you go on patrol. It’s usually just a matter of creating the plan with the highest overall performance level. However, there are other wrinkles to watch out for, such as health packs. Different armor comes with different amounts of healing, so if you’re not shooting well, make sure you have room for more than a few in your loadout.

Prioritize gear with elemental effects

When comparing different melee and ranged weapons, don’t just focus on how big the numbers are. Some also drop with elemental effects that build up damage over time. While these don’t perfectly match the enemy’s weakness, they will still result in much more bonus damage that will make work of tougher enemies.

Don’t forget to dismantle your crappy gear

Throw out old stuff early and often. You will get some resources back for this and your inventory will be more manageable.

Unlock fast travel soon

Gotham has a lot to explore, and if you don’t want to feel like an Uber driver heading north and south all night long across the city’s many bridges, you’ll need to unlock fast travel points. After the incident at Blackgate Prison with Harley Quinn, you receive a message from Lucius Fox about new gadgets, including one that will transport you from district to district in the blink of an eye.

However, to unlock each district’s fast travel point, you’ll need to chase down police drones and disable them. Doing this in time for each area will cut down on time wasted on later patrols. It will also be easier if you already have Nightwing’s glider or one of the other heroes’ special pass abilities unlocked.

Don’t miss The Loot Chests

Crime doesn’t pay, but closing it does. If you beat up a bunch of baddies on patrol, chances are there’ll be a chest nearby with bonus rewards. A smoking flare near where the enemies were is a sure sign, so use the scanner and take a quick look around for more crafting resources.

Save precious caches for later

Gotham is full of Talon stashes and other rare finds, but because the equipment changes with your level, unlocking them in time will yield loot that will quickly become obsolete. Instead, you’ll want to wait until later in the game to grab items so you’re guaranteed legendary and epic drops.

Play online Divide and Conquer

Gotham Knights boss battles and city patrols can be fun on their own, but are much easier to tackle with a partner. Plus, fighting is a lot more fun with someone around. Warner Bros. Montreal has done a lot of work to make the game’s online multiplayer unbridled but stable, and if you don’t play co-op, you won’t really get the “full” Gotham Knights experience. In addition, you can deal with targets spread across the map much faster with increased vigilance when hunting. Best of all, instead of restarting when you die, your partner can revive you to keep things moving.

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